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Software Protector is an easy-to-use .NET licensing system GUI, which is using SKGL Project from Please visit as well! If you like it, please donate or consider the online solution!

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  • Create and validate human-readable serial keys.
  • Simple 20 characters format:  MUYVD-LSEBY-CXHRQ-XFAGY.
  • Add eight different features.
  • Set a time limit. (Max 999 days).
  • Lock keys for a specific machine.

How to use

There are a lot of ways that you can use this software. First of all, you can use Software Protector itself, to either create or validate your serial keys. Secondly, you can use another project, called SKGL, which allows you to create and validate your keys inside your own application (which might be a website).


In order to generate or validate your keys using your own application, you will need to read more about that at

Please go to the Documentation page, to learn more about Software Protector.

Security level

Q: How secure is SKGL?

  • It is difficult to say how secure it is, but I would say, as it is with almost all ciphers, it is a matter of time! To make a safe and also a human-readable serial key is hard, maybe even impossible. So, if you would ask if it is possible to "hack" a serial key produced by SKGL, I would say yes. A person who has enough time, and passion, will succeed.

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