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Note: It is recommended that you download SKGL and use it in your project instead of the one in Software Protector. The current package with Software Protector contains SKGL, which is an older version, although key validation and key generation is exactly the same as in the newest SKGL API. 

How to use Software Protector

Create a key

In order to create a key with Software Protector, you need to do as following:

1) Launch Software Protector

2) Enter your password into the Password box


3) Set the amount of days the key should be valid

4) Add features (optional)


5) Set the amount of keys to generate

6) Press Generate button

7a) If you set the amount of keys to 1, press to copy the key to the clipboard

7b) If you set the amount of keys to 2 or more, you will get a window similar to the window below. Now you might either want to chose some keys, or press the copy button (see 7a) to copy all keys to the cipboard

Validate a key

Let's talk about how you might validate a key using Software Protector.

1) First of all, enter the key into the text box, below the "amount of keys" label.

2) Secondly, press validate box. This will cause a new for to open up.

a the key that is analysed
b date, when the key was created
c date, when the key is set to expire 
d amount of days that were set when the key was created
e amount of days left till the key expires
f If "Set Date" is 0, this will turn true. otherwise false
g displays all the eight features

Machine locking

In some cases, you might want to lock a key for a specific machine, i.e. make it only work on a certain computer. This can be encomplished using the feature machine locking. By using it, you will make it impossible for users who are not authorized to use a certain key, while only one computer can use and activate it.

Please read more about machine locking below:

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